15 Best Looking Ways To Hide Trash Cans

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From Frugal to Fabulous!

1. Simple and Very Inexpensive

Probably the least expensive way to hide trash cans outside – and the easiest to make. This one from ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com is simple, nice enough looking, and does the trick. Looks like it could be made in a few hours (minus waiting for the stain to dry) and, for the most part, out of wood scraps you probably already have around your property.


Photo by : ishouldbemoppingthefloors.com

2 and 3. These are a step above the first one, but still easy and inexpensive.

With these examples, there’s really no reason not to hide your trash cans in a pleasant way that blends with your house. You can click on the photos to be taken to the website that shows more detail.


Photo by : apartmenttherapy.com


photo by : mcdonalgardencenter.com

4. A little more substance and a little more time involved.

This is the one for you if you want still want something simple to hide trash cans and you want to try your hand at easy block laying.  Looks like a good first project to learn s little masonry skills.


Photo by : imgur.com

5. Setting posts and cross members.

This one should also be fairly inexpensive. It’s a matter of putting in posts and the cross braces between them. Then all that’s needed is to attach the bamboo screen to the braces. This would be good in a low wind area. Where we live the bamboo screen would wind up in the next country almost any winter day and half the days in summer.


Photo by : houzz.com

6 and 7. Also a matter of posts and braces, with lattice this time.

Here are two examples to show the different way to hide trash cans by “covering” them with either a stained lattice run (actually hiding an air conditioning unit) on a diagonal or a white painted lattice that is square to the posts.


Photo by : decksource.com


Photo by : houzz.com

8. A lattice enclosure.

This one is not actually used for this purpose, but is good looking and could be customized to hide trash cans, especially in an area where raccoons or juvenile delinquents frequent.


Photo by : trellisstructures.com

9. This one was actually designed to be an outdoor shower.

Although this one is technically not designed to hide trash cans, it’s a very nice and sturdy look. It’s a little formal, but that might be what your property requires!


Photo by : decoratingfiles.com

10. This one is beautiful and would fit in great with a Mission style home.

Leave it to Better Homes and Gardens to figure out such a good looking way to hide trash cans. This would look perfect in one of the Mission style homes in many large cities.


Attributed to : bhg.com

11. This is the one we’re building on our property.

Although we currently live in a no frills ranch home, we’re fixing it up every chance we get – and going with what we call a Mission / Asian theme. I’ll try to remember to take photos as we go, but it’s going to be modeled directly from this one, although we’re going to do something different with the house numbers.


Photo by : sugarsugarhouse.com

12. The next few ways to hide trash cans involves complete enclosures.

This first enclosure is probably the most basic. It looks like it’s made from old reclaimed barn wood. It could probably be made with wood from pallets, and the rustic look it has is pretty nice.


Photo by : britishstandardfence.com

13. Same idea but a bit more formal.

This isn’t my favorite color of stain, but this way to it’s nice enough that it would look good in any yard. Notice the curved top makes it have a bit more interest than just a flat top.


Photo by : listotic.com

14. Hey, there’s a garden on top of the trash!

This would be a good way to do both – hide trash cans and have a small garden without losing any space. Also, there’s a bit more work involved with this one as there are three recycling cubbies on the left side.


Attributed to : bbc.co.uk

15. Now we’re getting into some time and money…

This one would be for someone who wants to spend a few weekends working out a way to hide trash cans, and your recycling, and maybe things you don’t want your kids to see. I mean, they never take out the trash, right? There’s also room under the trash can for some garden tools or trash bags or whatever. This one also has a garden on the top.


Photo by : apartmenttherapy.com

16. Here’s a bonus one!

This one serves multiple purposes. A very nice way to hide trash cans on one side, an air conditioner unit on the other side, and store tools in the middle.


Photo by : mcdonaldgardencenter.com


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