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 Sponsored Link is a provider and curator of content on the topics related to all things about alternative energies. We are always looking for great new articles from guest writers, and we’re always looking for new blog posts to feature.  If you think you have something that our audience will appreciate, then go ahead and submit your link to us by email.  Feel free to submit as many links as you like.

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Every single topic submission will be considered and evaluated. If we are interested in the subject and your writing style, we will contact you. We are looking for 300-500 word relevant articles of original content.

Here’s what will happen if we decide to feature your article.

1. We will post your article to the front page.

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We will make every attempt to publish all submissions that include the following :

– An overview of your project.
– How long it took to build.
– Approximate cost of materials.
– At least one photo at every major step in the project.  (We can size the photos for you if needed.)
– A clear description of what’s going on in each photo.
– A few words about how the result of the project is working – worse, just right, better than you expected?

Sound good? Send us an email for each project you would like us to consider. Email us at: practicaldiyalternativeenergy @ (remove spaces)

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