Build A Solar Food Dehydrator

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build-a-beautiful-solar-dehydratorYou can make a very nice solar food dehydrator in a weekend with just a few items.  The time it takes you to build it will depend on your skills and how fancy you want to make it.  Just look around YouTube or Google Images and you will see examples that show workmanship nicer than many homes in the world all the way across the spectrum to look like they might blow apart in a stiff wind. Send us a picture of your finished product, as always, we’ll be happy to post it – include some details about how long it took you and (approximately) how much you spent to build it.

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If you would like to try out the theory without investing much, Mother Earth News has plans on their website for a version very much like the one pictured above, but made out of cardboard.

Above is a beautiful example from Fifth Wind Farm that combines a lot of great features.  This solar dehydrator is nice looking enough that it could go in any backyard and the neighbors shouldn’t mind.  It uses aluminum soda (or maybe beer) cans for the heating tubes and recycled doors as the basis for the main structure!  This is the one we should be inspired to model after!

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