Calculating Just How Big Your Solar Collector Should Be

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Sizing your solar collectorOne of the hardest pieces of information to find is – just how large should you make your solar collectors for solar water heating or solar air heating?  You may want to use the air to heat a room or a house, or water may be used to heat a room, your entire house, or something as simple as just the water for your showers.  But how to do you know just how big a room or how many square feet?

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In any of those cases, Build It Solar has the information you need.  What we really like about their sizing information is that you don’t have to have an engineering degree or a scientific calculator to use the estimations they provide.  They have made it simple and straightforward for anyone to be able to figure out.

Click here for detailed information on how to calculate the size of your DIY solar collector, then build something!

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