Can There Be More Than One Sun?

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Can There Be More Than One Sun?Yes, there can be more than one sun.  In the solar energy area, there can be many suns.  A parabola shape produces many “suns” the same as multiple mirrors focused on the same heat absorber plate does.  The direct sunlight counts as one sun and each additional mirror counts as an additional “sun.”  Mirrors, shiny surface films, and fresnel lenses are the good friend of anyone trying to harness heat from the sun.  The more suns, the more energy is available to harness.

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However, as with the rest of life, you can get too much of a good thing.  Remember when using reflective surfaces to multiply the heat from the sun –

  • When heating air, be careful not to exceed the upper temperature limits of the material you are trying to heat
  • When dealing with solar panels, additional heat means reduced electrical output
  • When heating liquids, be mindful of the temperature limits of your “transport” system – the pipes, fittings. etc.
  • Glass mirrors can snap/break in the wind, so be careful using glass mirrors.
  • There are probably a few not on this list – write us if you think of them

All that being said, using mirrors or reflective surfaces can provide a real boost to your home solar radiant energy output.  Use them with discretion and always test for results.


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