Why You Want A Tesla Powerwall Battery For Your Home


Tesla has already proven itself to be more than a flash-in-the-pan company in both the electric car business and the solar panel installation / leasing business. People are already waiting in line to give Tesla their downpayment for a car that is not to be released for at least two more years. It … [Read more...]

Free Solar Panels & How To Find Them


Homeowners and homesteaders know the obvious benefits of harnessing solar energy, but most do not know how to obtain free solar panels. Government agencies have been increasing rates on grid supplied energy and the logical answer is to seek alternative sources of power. Traditional methods of … [Read more...]

Turn Your Vehicle Into A Portable Generator


Battery operated tools are great, but sometimes they're just not up to the job.  If you need sustained power at a remote location, this may be just the trick for you.  You can turn your car or truck into a portable generator - and the process is simple and for a decent price. One of our next … [Read more...]

Are Permanent Magnets and Neodymium Magnets The Same Thing?


Permanent magnets are different than non-permanent magnets in that they do not lose their magnetism under "normal" circumstances.  They will not lose their magnetism if dropped or exposed long-term to other magnets.  However, they will lose some or all of their magnetism if exposed to temperatures … [Read more...]

What Is A Pelton Wheel? (Hydro-Energy Series)


Deep within the works of most systems that generate power from the flow of water is an item called the Pelton wheel.  Named after Lester Pelton, the man who invented it in the late 1800's.  That original design was a very good one, as it has been subjected to surprisingly little change since that … [Read more...]

Replacing All Your Lights With LEDs


Can you really nag someone into learning to turn the lights off? You can, but at what cost? At first it's just an irritant to you - the payer of the bills. Then, it becomes an irritant to the whole family, as you follow the "offenders" from room to room while slowly turning into a curmudgeon that … [Read more...]

How To Cheaply Improve The Performance Of Your Solar Panels


Why re-write an article that has already been written with perfectly good information in it?   The beauty of the internet is that all we have to do it link to the article and all you have to do is click the link! With just a few of these items you can find for under $10 each at any discount … [Read more...]

What Is A Solar Furnace?


The solar furnaces are simply a form of solar collectors constructed as huge buildings that are used for one purpose - to concentrate the rays of the sun by use of parabolic mirrors or heliostatic mirror arrays (mirrors that follow the sun as it track across the sky) into a relatively small (about a … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Solar PV Panels


If you have more time than money, you should consider building your own solar photovoltaic (PV) panels - from scratch! With just a few hours of instruction and supplies you can purchase on eBay and your local home improvement store, you can construct your own solar PV panels. You can make your … [Read more...]

What Is Tidal Energy?


Making electricity from the movement of the tides is a fairly new undertaking.  The first modern tidal wave / tidal energy plant was brought online in 1966 in France.  This is an extremely expensive way of harnessing energy, so isn't very popular, yet.  It's a form of hydro-power generation and … [Read more...]