How To Make Biodiesel At Home For Cheap


Once you learn how to make biodiesel fuel, you'll be on your way to terrific savings on fuel. Biodiesel is a clean-burning, renewable substitute for what we commonly refer to as petroleum diesel. Using biodiesel as a vehicle fuel increases energy savings, protects the environment, and helps us … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Biodiesel – An Introduction


Anyone who thinks they might want to produce their own biodiesel should try one of these processes first.  The videos below are all based on a do it yourself in the kitchen or garage premise.  They run the gamut from "Just show me the bare basics, I don't want to know the science stuff" to "Here's … [Read more...]

What If Your Residential Heating System Ran On Compost?

Jean Pain Method of Heating

What if you could heat your house all winter for free, heat your household water for free, and cook with free gas most of the year?  Sound to good to be true?  Well, it's not!  And you can get almost everything you need to complete this project for free or next to nothing.  Build your own … [Read more...]

Using Kudzu As A Renewable Energy Alternative

heat with highly renewable kudzu

Kudzu (known in some parts of the United States and most other countries as Japanese Arrowroot) is a group of plants from the pea family that are native to parts of Asia.  Much like the common pea plant, it climbs and coils as it grows.  Unlike the common pea plant it climbs and grows and coils like … [Read more...]

Using Algae As A Fuel


There are, quite literally tens of thousands of species belonging to the algae family.   Algae takes many forms, but the type most commonly used for manufacturing fuel is actually what you may know as "pond scum" - the type of algae that sits on top of water.   If you have ever left water in a sunny … [Read more...]

What Is An Alternative Fuel?


There's actually an official definition for the term "alternative energy" in the United States: As defined by the U.S. Energy policy of 1992: Methanol, denatured ethanol and other alcohols, separately or in a blend of not less than 10% by volume with gasoline or other fuels; compressed natural … [Read more...]

What Is Biomass?


Biomass is any material that comes from animal, vegetable, or plant matter. Theoretically, it should be carbon neutral - meaning producing no more carbon into the environment than the carbon is uses to grow, and renewable or recurring. Wood (logs, bark, wood chips, saw dust, pellets), paper … [Read more...]

How To Build A Backyard Biogas Digester

We found this YouTube about making a biodigester and found it to be both informative and entertaining enough to sit through the whole 14 minutes.  The Urban Farming Guys have what looks to be a great setup for a backyard biodigester.  You might want to what this a couple of times to pay attention to … [Read more...]

Comparison of BTU’s in Various Types of Wood


If you haven't found David Darling's Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy yet, it's about time you took a look.  Find below a link to his fairly comprehensive list of various wood, along with their density comparison, and their potential BTU's per cord. After you find your favorite wood on the … [Read more...]

What is Biodigestion? (And Why You Might Want To Do It…)


In the most simple terms, biodigestion is an anaerobic (meaning without oxygen) process that turns emissions from organic matter into a gas.  The gas produced by biodigestion is mainly methane and carbon dioxide.  (It also contains small amounts of nitrogen, hydrogen, and hydrogen sulphide.)  In … [Read more...]