Installing A Rain Catchment System


I have a series of rain catchment systems around the house and thought I'd share how I installed them.  We live in the "high desert" which just means a desert at high altitude. There's not much rainfall and when rain does happen it's usually one of two scenarios - a torrential downpour that lasts a … [Read more...]

Why You Want A Tesla Powerwall Battery For Your Home


Tesla has already proven itself to be more than a flash-in-the-pan company in both the electric car business and the solar panel installation / leasing business. People are already waiting in line to give Tesla their downpayment for a car that is not to be released for at least two more years. It … [Read more...]

Learn To Make Cob – A Highly Sustainable Building Material

build with highly sustainable cob

What Is Cob? Cob is the term given to a mixture of clay, sand, water and straw.  It got its name from England / Ireland because the "bricks" look like little loaves of bread - which is referred to as Cob in much of the United Kingdom.  (At least that's one explanation, we've seen a couple of others … [Read more...]