Charge Any Phone With The Sun – Build A Solar Charger

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Build a solar phone chargerWe like projects like this, as they are simple enough to teach beginners the basic of electronics, but complex enough that you have a useable product at the end of your efforts.

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With this device you can charge any phone that uses a USB connector to charge.  This is a great entry level do-it-yourself project for almost anyone – including kids.  Start out with a project like this one and you’ll be making your own PV solar panels in no time.

Parts list :  Altoid can (or box of similar size), a small solar panel (4V, 75mA), twin AA battery holder (Radio Shack catalog number 270-383), 2 rechargeable AA batteries (1.25V, NIMH), 1 standard diode (IN4148), some wire, USB charger that uses two AA batteries.  Most of these supplies you can get from Radio Shack or ebay.  The guy who made the YouTube – Kip Kay – also sells a kit on his website.  (We do not get anything from the sale of these kits.)

Tool list :  Solder, soldering iron, glue gun, glue stick, diagonal cutters, volt meter (optional).


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