FREE Kindle eBook – Building Stuff With Cardboard – Limited Time Offer

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free-ebook-incredible-cardboardRight now – this book is free to download a Kindle version from Amazon.  Free downloads from Kindle are a limited time offer, so download your copy as soon as possible to get the download for free.

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Please be aware that you don’t have to have a Kindle device to view Kindle books.  If you have a “smart” phone, you can download the Kindle viewer for free.  (We read these books on our iPhones when we’re standing in lines.)  Also, you do not even have to download it at all.  If you have an Amazon account, you can keep it on your Amazon Cloud (also free) and access it anytime you want through your PC’s or Mac’s internet browser.

Now, to the actual book.  This book is a compilation of Instructables from various authors showing how to recycle cardboard into furniture, armor, lumber, etc.  Even if you are not that interested in building furniture with cardboard, at least one of the many instructables in this eBook (there are 20 of them) will introduce you to some techniques of working with cardboard that you might be able to use for things you actually would like to build. When we downloaded and looked this book over, it sparked new ideas for us.

Just a hint – you may want to make some of the items from this eBook, but don’t necessarily have a pile of cardboard laying around with which to work.  Well, if you live in a fairly large town that has either an IKEA store or a Harbor Freight store, you have access to piles of cardboard.  We have found both of these chain stores to be very friendly in sharing their stashes of cardboard.  It’s amazing how many people exit one of these two stores and immediately “de-box” the items they purchased.  Leaving you a nice stash of cardboard to work with!  Just be sure to ask at the cash register in case your local store has a different policy on recycling that ours.

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