FREE Kindle eBook – How To Build A Worm Farm – Limited Time Offer

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free-ebook-build-worm-binsAbout this eBook :  The full title is Worm Composting – Woodworking Plans & Worm Bin Ideas for Use in Organic Gardening.  In other words, there’s lots of information on how to build a worm farm (that’s what they are often called).   It not only covers what you need to know about worm farming, it covers the basics of wood working!

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Right now – this book is free to download a Kindle version from Amazon.  Free downloads from Kindle are a limited time offer, so download your copy as soon as possible to get the download for free.

Please be aware that you don’t have to have a Kindle device to view Kindle books.  If you have a “smart” phone, you can download the Kindle viewer for free.  (We read these books on our iPhones when we’re standing in lines.)  Also, you do not even have to download it at all.  If you have an Amazon account, you can keep it on your Amazon Cloud (also free) and access it anytime you want through your PC’s or Mac’s internet browser.

A hint – If you need some “stuff” to add to your worm bin or compost pile, every coffee shop we’ve ever been in (including the big chains) offers their used coffee grounds for free to anyone who wants them for worms or composting.  Just ask at the counter.  At some coffee shops you don’t even have to ask – they have a metal pail close to the door and have the used coffee grounds there for your taking.


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