Just How Much Sunshine Is “Enough?”

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annual-world-sunny-daysOur personal feeling is that even if you only get a couple of hours of sun a day, you should do at least one or two solar projects.   If your projects are varied enough – some solar, some wind, some alternative fuels – you should still be able to significantly cut down your dependence on the utilities.  You may feel differently and want to do a cost vs benefit analysis before you go hog wild putting in you time on solar projects.

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Well, there’s a place on the web that will tell you the statistics you need to plug into your formula.  The folks over at climate-charts.com have been compiling and providing detailed information about annual temperature, precipitation, and hours of sunshine for a few years now.  They have information specifically for YOUR area, not just a large city close to you.  We live in a very small community of less than 3,500 and they have information specific to us.campo-stats-temps-precip-sunTry the climate-charts.com website out and see what the annual hours of sunshine in your area is.  You’ll probably be surprised just how much the sun shines where you are.


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