What Is A Gasifier

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What-Is-A-GasifierA gasifier is a piece of equipment that produces a combustible gas through a process known as gasification.  The quick definition of gasification is turning a fuel – generally wood for small scale purposes – into a combustible gas, known as syngas, that can be used to power a gas-driven engine – like a car or a generator. You  may also hear them referred to as Wood Gas Generator or Wood Gasifier.

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Gasifiers are nothing new, they have been around for almost 200 years.  In World War II, when gas was severely rationed, many enterprising people made home built gasifier to run their cars, trucks, and tractors with.  If you search in Yahoo or Google for “gasifier” under the images section, you will see there are some enterprising people currently using home made gasifiers to power their cars.  These are making a resurgence with many people trying to become more energy independent.

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