What Is Biomass?

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what-is-biomassBiomass is any material that comes from animal, vegetable, or plant matter. Theoretically, it should be carbon neutral – meaning producing no more carbon into the environment than the carbon is uses to grow, and renewable or recurring.

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Wood (logs, bark, wood chips, saw dust, pellets), paper industry excess (pulp),  junk mail, sewage, manure, sugar cane stalks, rice hulls, peanut shells, straw, nut shells, leaves, fruit seeds, plant stalks, grasses, fruit peels, bamboo, corn, rice, wheat, and more.

Using Biomass as Fuel

Most forms of biomass contain fairly high percentages of moisture. If the biomass is to be used as a fuel within a gasifier, the biomass must have that moisture content considerably reduced, as the moisture will lower the temperature inside the gasifier making the process much less efficient.

The biomass must sometimes also be shredded to a consistent size for most efficient use in some gasifiers.

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