Aquaponics Project – Day Three

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Just a real quick update.  Tonight after work, got three columns of concrete blocks up and filled in the holes in the previously done columns with gravel.  We have on our property a population of gophers and ground squirrels like we’re raising them on purpose.  The entire floor of the hoop house had to be covered with wire mesh and I put the gravel in the columns to further discourage digging.

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Tomorrow I plan to get three more columns of concrete blocks up and put the wire mesh back that we had to dig up to deconstruct the previous mess that was in the same place where this aquaponics project is going.

Also bought one more barrel (only one fits in the car at a time) and will buy another tomorrow.  Hope to have time to cut them both in half and maybe drill the holes for the plastic fittings for the plumbing.


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