Free Solar Panels & How To Find Them


Homeowners and homesteaders know the obvious benefits of harnessing solar energy, but most do not know how to obtain free solar panels. Government agencies have been increasing rates on grid supplied energy and the logical answer is to seek alternative sources of power. Traditional methods of … [Read more...]

How To Build A Solar Water Distiller


The idea of a solar water distiller goes back many years. People realized that sea water in shallow ponds will eventually purify itself. Basically, the sun bakes the water until all that remains are crystals of salt. The byproduct is distilled water but it evaporated away and was never utilized. … [Read more...]

Great Trash Bin Cover Idea


For those of us living in tight quarters where homes are right next to each other, a trash bin cover is a great way to hide unsightly cans. Or, perhaps you want your trash cans much closer to your home but don't want neighbors to see them. This is where the crossroads of ingenuity and necessity come … [Read more...]

Composter Tumbler Powered By The Wind DIY


For most people, a composter tumbler is usually the person who built it! Yup, you need to head out to the composter once a week and jumble up the ingredients in order to maximize the benefits of composting. Well, a lot of us just plain forget to do this and then we wonder why it takes so long for … [Read more...]