Insulate Your Garage Door For $40 Or Less

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Insulating my garage door has been on my list of things to do for a couple of years. We live in the high desert so experience mild winters, with a few snowy days and some days with sustained 60 mph winds, and deathly hot summers, when every day is sunny with some days of sustained 30-40 mph winds. … [Read more...]

Geothermal Energy Basics Explained


Geothermal energy has long been known as an effective method for supplementing, or replacing, traditional energy sources. In recent years, geothermal energy interest has taken off as it has become a practical method to supplement a home's energy. Basically, the system of pumps and plastic pipes … [Read more...]

Heating and Air Conditioning Using The Earth


This article is an introduction to readers on how easy it is to provide a very efficient "boost" to your heating and air conditioning systems by taking advantage of the earth's natural tendency (inertia) to stay at a constant temperature just a few feet down from the surface.  You can go to almost … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Geothermal and Geosolar Heat and Air Systems


The term geothermal was originally coined to describe the heat that the earth produces from its molten core toward the surface of the earth.  A few decades ago, it became the term used for the human created systems that capture this heat and use it for human involved processes- like heating a … [Read more...]