Gasifier Manufacturers


Most of the people reading these posts are the type to take an idea and run out to their garage or workshop to try to build it.  Some of the people reading these posts will not have time to build everything, but may have the where-with-all to buy a pre-made item.  If you are the second type of … [Read more...]

What Is A Gasifier


A gasifier is a piece of equipment that produces a combustible gas through a process known as gasification.  The quick definition of gasification is turning a fuel - generally wood for small scale purposes - into a combustible gas, known as syngas, that can be used to power a gas-driven engine - … [Read more...]

Comparison of BTU’s In Various Standard Fuels


This comparison of BTU output of various types of fuel may help you in deciding whether or not you may want to pursue a project.  If the project is complex and the fuel you plan to use is on the low side of BTU output, you may want to rethink the project. Of course, if you have a plentiful supply … [Read more...]