The Complete Poop On Composting Toilets


There has always been a certain stigma associated with composting toilets. Many people think of the traditional outhouse or, worse, some kind of hole in the ground. Well, there are lots of obvious drawbacks to those systems but thankfully modern technology has perfected the composting toilet. A … [Read more...]

Rain Catchment DIY Decorative Cover


photo by: trellisstructures Here is a creative idea for a decorative rain catchment that can hide things like trash cans, propane tanks and other unsightly items. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors and want everything to look pristine, these DIY enclosures are great. In addition, … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Sun Sail Shade


Sun sail shades, or triangular awnings, are a practical and beautiful way to create shade and rain protection. Constructed of heavy duty, weather resistant canvas, the sun sail shade gets its name from how it replicates the shape of a sail you would find on a boat. These shades are very welcome … [Read more...]

How To Build A Solar Water Distiller


The idea of a solar water distiller goes back many years. People realized that sea water in shallow ponds will eventually purify itself. Basically, the sun bakes the water until all that remains are crystals of salt. The byproduct is distilled water but it evaporated away and was never utilized. … [Read more...]

Great Trash Bin Cover Idea


For those of us living in tight quarters where homes are right next to each other, a trash bin cover is a great way to hide unsightly cans. Or, perhaps you want your trash cans much closer to your home but don't want neighbors to see them. This is where the crossroads of ingenuity and necessity come … [Read more...]

Composter Tumbler Powered By The Wind DIY


For most people, a composter tumbler is usually the person who built it! Yup, you need to head out to the composter once a week and jumble up the ingredients in order to maximize the benefits of composting. Well, a lot of us just plain forget to do this and then we wonder why it takes so long for … [Read more...]

Aquaponics Project – Day 5


Haul Gravel, Then Haul Some More We got a load of gravel - 10 cubic yards, which weighed in at about 14 1/4 tons according to the delivery driver. Of course the dump truck couldn't get all the way back to the hoop house, so we have been shoveling and hauling gravel for the last several  nights. … [Read more...]

Build A Solar Water Distiller


You can thank me later, but know that I just watched over three butt-numbing hours of videos about building your own solar water distiller to find only this ONE (two part) video that seemed sufficiently informative. There may be some better ones out there, but I didn't find them. They each had a … [Read more...]

Aquaponics Project – Day Four


Really it's about day 14, but this is only the fourth post, so we'll just count them that way. Spent the rest of the week - including the weekend - putting up the rest of the columns.  Also filled in all the columns with gravel to keep the gophers and squirrels from digging up through them.  … [Read more...]

Aquaponics Project – Day Three

Just a real quick update.  Tonight after work, got three columns of concrete blocks up and filled in the holes in the previously done columns with gravel.  We have on our property a population of gophers and ground squirrels like we're raising them on purpose.  The entire floor of the hoop house had … [Read more...]