12 Hydroponics System Designs – One For Every Budget!


Here are examples of hydroponics systems with enough variety that there's one for every budget and (almost) all of them have complete instructions.  (There are tips and knowledge links throughout and at the very bottom.) 1.  A nice setup using Rubbermaid tote.  The instructions have lots and lots … [Read more...]

Backup Generator Silencing And How To Do It


Having a backup generator can save you from many inconvenient situations. No one will deny the pros of having emergency power when you need it to run all things electric from stoves to hair dryers to the all important TV. But, while you're inside enjoying the modern conveniences, your backup … [Read more...]

Build A Solar Water Distiller


You can thank me later, but know that I just watched over three butt-numbing hours of videos about building your own solar water distiller to find only this ONE (two part) video that seemed sufficiently informative. There may be some better ones out there, but I didn't find them. They each had a … [Read more...]

Aquaponics Project – Day Four


Really it's about day 14, but this is only the fourth post, so we'll just count them that way. Spent the rest of the week - including the weekend - putting up the rest of the columns.  Also filled in all the columns with gravel to keep the gophers and squirrels from digging up through them.  … [Read more...]

Aquaponics Project – Day Three

Just a real quick update.  Tonight after work, got three columns of concrete blocks up and filled in the holes in the previously done columns with gravel.  We have on our property a population of gophers and ground squirrels like we're raising them on purpose.  The entire floor of the hoop house had … [Read more...]

DIY Septic Cleanout Covers


The cleanouts for our septic tank needed to be covered.  At least I think that's what these are - cleanouts for the pipes leading to the septic tank.  They need to be covered up so they are easy to get to if ever it is needed.  That's why they're there.  To clean out possible "sewage stoppages" - … [Read more...]

Easy Method To Take Wood Pallets Apart – No Tools Required


We have read many articles and watched many videos about taking wood pallets apart - all in hopes that we would find a method easier than the one we were already using.  Using free wood pallets to build furniture and other things is a very enticing prospect.  Of course, the easiest way to take apart … [Read more...]

15 Ideas For Using Free Harbor Freight Stuff


Well, first off, if you didn't know about getting free stuff at Harbor Freight, we'll cover that briefly.  Harbor Freight puts out coupons like the example here (it's just an example, it can't actually be used) in all of their one page circulars.  We get these in the mail (they arrive at the same … [Read more...]

Save Even More Money With Harbor Freight Coupons


Yes, we shop at Harbor Freight. Actually, we buy quite a few things at Harbor Freight. Now, before you start showing your tool prejudice and muttering to yourself that your would never buy the "cheap stuff" (paraphrasing here, you probably didn't use the word "stuff" did you?) at Harbor Freight, … [Read more...]

Turn Your Vehicle Into A Portable Generator


Battery operated tools are great, but sometimes they're just not up to the job.  If you need sustained power at a remote location, this may be just the trick for you.  You can turn your car or truck into a portable generator - and the process is simple and for a decent price. One of our next … [Read more...]