Make Your Own Biodiesel – An Introduction


Anyone who thinks they might want to produce their own biodiesel should try one of these processes first.  The videos below are all based on a do it yourself in the kitchen or garage premise.  They run the gamut from "Just show me the bare basics, I don't want to know the science stuff" to "Here's … [Read more...]

FREE Kindle eBook – How To Build A Worm Farm – Limited Time Offer


About this eBook :  The full title is Worm Composting - Woodworking Plans & Worm Bin Ideas for Use in Organic Gardening.  In other words, there's lots of information on how to build a worm farm (that's what they are often called).   It not only covers what you need to know about worm farming, it … [Read more...]

FREE Kindle eBook – Building Stuff With Cardboard – Limited Time Offer


Right now - this book is free to download a Kindle version from Amazon.  Free downloads from Kindle are a limited time offer, so download your copy as soon as possible to get the download for free. Please be aware that you don't have to have a Kindle device to view Kindle books.  If you have a … [Read more...]

Should You Learn To Rebuild Batteries?


Why would you want to know how to rebuild a battery?  Well, you can save quite a bit of money if you're thinking of going off the grid.  When you set up your battery bank initially, you won't have to pay even close to full retail, because you can purchase used or "out of date" batteries and … [Read more...]

Build Rock Walls – With NO Concrete!


Do you have a bunch of rocks around your property and wish they were doing something more useful than just sitting there?  How about the need for a retaining wall or a privacy fence?  Well, with just a little patience and a very little money you can put those two things together and make that wall … [Read more...]

Charge Any Phone With The Sun – Build A Solar Charger

Build a solar phone charger

We like projects like this, as they are simple enough to teach beginners the basic of electronics, but complex enough that you have a useable product at the end of your efforts. With this device you can charge any phone that uses a USB connector to charge.  This is a great entry level … [Read more...]

Calculating Just How Big Your Solar Collector Should Be

Sizing your solar collector

One of the hardest pieces of information to find is - just how large should you make your solar collectors for solar water heating or solar air heating?  You may want to use the air to heat a room or a house, or water may be used to heat a room, your entire house, or something as simple as just the … [Read more...]

Wash Your Clothes With Pedal Power (Pedal Power Washing Machine)


This isn't really a "how-to" article.  It is a "how can you not appreciate this idea?" article. This non-electric washing machine was developed for use in third world countries and meant to be sold for a retail cost of around $40. To save money, it was originally designed to use a standard drink … [Read more...]

Learn To Make Cob – A Highly Sustainable Building Material

build with highly sustainable cob

What Is Cob? Cob is the term given to a mixture of clay, sand, water and straw.  It got its name from England / Ireland because the "bricks" look like little loaves of bread - which is referred to as Cob in much of the United Kingdom.  (At least that's one explanation, we've seen a couple of others … [Read more...]

Can There Be More Than One Sun?

Can There Be More Than One Sun?

Yes, there can be more than one sun.  In the solar energy area, there can be many suns.  A parabola shape produces many "suns" the same as multiple mirrors focused on the same heat absorber plate does.  The direct sunlight counts as one sun and each additional mirror counts as an additional "sun."  … [Read more...]