Easy Method To Take Wood Pallets Apart – No Tools Required

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photo from www.recyclingworksma.com

We have read many articles and watched many videos about taking wood pallets apart – all in hopes that we would find a method easier than the one we were already using.  Using free wood pallets to build furniture and other things is a very enticing prospect.  Of course, the easiest way to take apart the pallets is to get someone else to do it for you – for a cold drink and a sandwich.  Most of us don’t have access to that kind of labor, so take 4 minutes out of your life to watch the following video, which will save you at least an equal amount of time when you take apart your next wood pallet.  If you are not already using a method similar to this one, it will also surely save you many broken boards.

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We’re not sure what that big concrete thing is that he is using in the video.  We use a concrete block and it works just fine.  A concrete block is also easy to pick up and, although still very heavy, somewhat less likely to require a hospital visit if you accidentally drop it on your foot.


  1. Jennifer says:

    awesome tip wish i had found this earlier i ruined a bunch of boards, but i know know now. thanks for sharing

  2. Mark Downing says:

    Once you’ve put the bricks underneath, can’t you just jump on the pallet (instead of dropping the concrete block)?

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