How To Build A Backyard Biogas Digester

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We found this YouTube about making a biodigester and found it to be both informative and entertaining enough to sit through the whole 14 minutes.  The Urban Farming Guys have what looks to be a great setup for a backyard biodigester.  You might want to what this a couple of times to pay attention to all the other stuff they have going on in their yard.

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Watch the whole thing for an overview of the system they are building, the mistakes they made (so you won’t have to make the same mistakes), and an explanation and demonstration of how to install the fittings and pipes.

If you’d like to see an example of a huge biodigestion system and how it works, try to find Living With Ed, episode “For Better Or Worse” somewhere.  Ed Begley, Jr and his wife Rachel Carson, visit a farm with a biodigester that produces its own electric power.

Or…here’s another YouTube with a brief overview of a system installed on a pig farm in Dodge, Nebraska,




  1. Thanks for sharing the useful YouTube links –

    Even the USDA (finally) seems to have recognized the significance and the potential of this marvellous alternative energy generation technique. I believe it was only sometime last month that they announced a (major) policy on biogas, by way of a good 40/50 page PDF document. I’ll try to dig up the link and post it here one of these days.


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