Learn To Make Cob – A Highly Sustainable Building Material

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build with highly sustainable cobWhat Is Cob?

Cob is the term given to a mixture of clay, sand, water and straw.  It got its name from England / Ireland because the “bricks” look like little loaves of bread – which is referred to as Cob in much of the United Kingdom.  (At least that’s one explanation, we’ve seen a couple of others that seem just as likely.)  It has been used for centuries across the entire world and is still being used extensively even today – with good reason.  It’s highly sustainable, it’s durable, it’s earthquake resistant, and it’s fireproof!  To see some examples of cob buildings, you can go over to Wikipedia.

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Why Do You Want To Make Cob?

It’s a versatile building material and you can find the ingredients quite easily.  You can use cob to do any number of things.  Find below a complete tutorial to combine the ingredients for perfect cob and how to build a cool backyard pizza oven.  Cob is also used for houses, out buildings, and as the “mass” in rocket mass heaters – to name just a few uses.

Where Can You Get The Ingredients?

If you live out in the country, you probably either have at least one of the ingredients already on your property.  We live out in the sticks and drive by land that is heavy with clay deposits.  We just hunted to the property owner down and asked if we could dig up a truck load of their clay – in exchange for teaching them how to work with cob!  It was a win-win and we have been invited back to get as much clay as we need.  Otherwise, you can get the materials from any big box building supply – and there’s probably someone listed in your local Craigslist that will deliver the stuff to your door!

How To Make A Cob Oven, Part One

How To Make A Cob Oven, Part Two

How To Make A Cob Oven, Part Three

This building material is a must to at least experiment with.  Learn to build with a sustainable material like cob, and you’ll never be without shelter – or a pizza oven!


  1. Kathryn Hutchinson says:

    I am interested in building this but the sound on the videos is horrible. Can you do this with a downloadable PDF file so I can keep till I’m ready to build it???


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